We seek to achieve our social impact goals and outcomes through the programmes we deliver and individuals we support

Why we do what we do

Sport can create so many opportunities and can add so much value to the lives of young people. It is not just about activity, and nor is PPS – we aim to go further. The greatest benefit is how sport allows a young person to thrive (36%) – helping them to discover qualities, build belief, develop self-confidence and learn life skills. The opportunity to build a better future is incredibly valuable (29%) and enjoyment, keeping physically fit and mentally healthy are also recorded as positive benefits (27%). A few young people also say sport offers an outlet to escape from other stresses (8%). Unfortunately, 67% of people say that not everybody who deserves it has the chance to experience these benefits. We believe those young people demonstrating deserving characteristics should have the chance – the ones who show dedication, commitment, drive, hard work and ambition as well as being deprived of opportunities.

PPS works with trusted delivery partners and respected partnering organisations in the lowest 28% most deprived areas (IMD measure) to find the 70% of young people who have barriers to participate and progress in sport. We support them, break these barriers down and help to get the best out of themselves where they may not have had that chance otherwise. 36% of people who experience barriers say the most common struggle comes from outside the field of play with issues such as a lack of support and negative social environments – that is why we provide mentorship to all the programmes we deliver and individuals we support. 29% suggest the barriers are purely financial – which is why we provide targeted funding to delivery partners and supported individuals.

If PPS didn’t offer this support the consequences would be devastating – 48% of young people said their mental health and wellbeing would suffer and 33% said they wouldn’t have the same career prospects. A smaller number (7%) of young people say they could be forced down a negative path if sport was taken away. Therefore, it is important for us to find and support the most deserving and in need young people. If we do this, we will make a difference through sport and influence a more socially mobile society.

(* Results from a survey undertaken by PPS participants/partners/coaches/mentors)

“I really can’t imagine living without sport or exercise, I feel it’s vital in everybody’s lives. It allows people to have fun, express themselves and create opportunities in life.” 

“Sports is a life changer for most people such as myself coming from a working class background, as not everyone grows up confident or get taught how to believe in their own ability. Sports helps young people grow into confident people who have self belief. I would say the three main characteristics sports can provide are; self belief, discipline, and persistence.”

OUR IMPACT 2019-20 

Delivery programmes to groups: 11

Reaching 233 young people with an average age of 16

Delivered in the lower 28% most deprived areas in England 

Individual Support Programmes: 30

With an average age of 18 of which 70% were from BAME background and a male:female ratio of 7:3. 

31 young people were supported on the Emergency Covid-19 Hardship Fund 

We worked with 15 trusted delivery partners, 8 respected partnering organisations, 20 coaches and 8 mentors.

2019-20 growth: 16%


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