Providing valuable guidance to the programmes we deliver and individuals we support.

We believe in support, rather than direct funding. 

Mentorship is the tool we use to get the best out of the young sportspeople that we support.

Mentorship provision improves the Impact & Engagement of our programmes by 27% (Impact Report 2019-20)

Principles of mentorship

We use mentorship to guide the development of young sportspeople

To act as a support network where the mentees have somebody to ask advice from, and somewhere to turn to

The opportunity to share ideas with others and learn skills

Gaining valuable experiences to move forward

We set up the mentees with the most appropriate mentor based on relatedness

Forms of mentorship

We will provide a form of mentorship for each PPS programme

Formal Mentorship Programmes

Facilitating mentor meets, with a formal progressive structure and targets for the mentee

Informal Mentor Meets

Opportunities for the mentees to form relationships, with the chance to talk about their experience, share issues, discuss ideas, ask questions and find answers

Mentorship Workshops

Group sessions with an opportunity to listen to and learn from real life stories and experiences

Integrated Mentorship
Supporting groups of young sportspeople with day-to-day mentoring in the mentees environment

Challenging and rewarding

Unique and inspiring

Opportunistic and educational

and involved

“The mentor programme gave me a chance to talk to some amazing people, and learn a lot about traits that are important in tennis and also in life.  It was also great to know I could contact any of the mentors if I ever needed to talk about anything”

– Daniel Siddall, performance tennis player

At PPS, we have a ‘chain of support’, where a network of personnel will support and mentor each other. This chain runs from the trustees and director, paid and voluntary mentors and PPS supported individuals themselves.

Older PPS supported sportspeople will give back by providing valuable guidance.

“I am so grateful to PPS.  Not only has the support helped me with training, I also I have received mentoring sessions from former International Tennis Player, John Feaver (PPS trustee). I have the opportunity to mentor other young athletes”.