How we work

We build relationships and partnerships to deliver programmes to groups and offer further support to the most deserving individuals.

Our wide ranging structure of programmes and support allows us to work with a variety of people and organisations.

There are a lot of things we can do…

And a lot of value we can add…

As well as delivering programmes ourselves, we look to support existing organisations and add value to what they’re doing, which in turn positively impacts young sportspeople.

To achieve this goal, we require successful partnerships.

“The J&C Coaching partnership with Performance Plus has really helped our work to empower children.  We can’t thank them enough with how they have helped us put on free services in the schools we work in.  PPS also mentors some of our coaches. We hope our relationship continues”.

– Ciro Donadio, Director, J&C Coaching

Many of our partnerships are shown below: