Programmes and Support

We offer programme support and delivery, as well as individual support programmes and mentorship. We have a pathway of support across three target areas; community engagement, sport advancement, career path and we do this across a variety of sports.
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See below for living examples and a description of the pathway of programmes we provide, from community engagement to career support

Community engagement delivery programme

Community Progression Programme with Westway Sports and Fitness Centre.

We offer free tennis coaching to local school children to build on the outreach work that Westway already do.

PPS gives these children 186 opportunities a year to play tennis.  It allows young children the chance to progress from being introduced to tennis at their school and play in an established tennis centre.


We could not be grateful enough for the support of performance plus, which has allowed Maximus more time on court with essential coaching.  This will only help to develop his skills. We would not have been able to afford another session. This charity is a fantastic help for children such as Max. We appreciate your continuous support.

– Parent of a child on the programme


Community Progression Support Programme

An individual support programme for Valeria Cespedes-Beltran, a 15 year old tennis player from Streatham.

Valeria receives funding for tournament entry and expenses, as well as mentoring opportunities.

The support scheme that Performance Plus have put in place has not only taken huge financial pressure off her parents, but has allowed her to develop new found confidence.  Tennis should be a sport where passionate and talented players like Valeria can be given a chance to fulfil their potential.  With the help of the team at Performance Plus this has been made possible.

– Jimmy, Valeria’s coach

Sport advancement delivery programme

With Right Development Foundation, PPS subsidises membership for identified young basketball players.

This enables these talented young basketballers to train more regularly and help achieve their goals in performance basketball.

Sports advancement ‘Athlete Support Programme’

PPS supports Susanna Banjo by funding gaps in her programme and offering mentoring opportunities Susanna’s attitude suited the PPS criteria and we have worked closely with her to fund accommodation and food whilst at training camps, specialist running spikes and performance treatment.

These factors support Susanna’s quest to win a medal at the World Championships in September 2019. The mentoring enables PPS to maintain a strong relationship with Susanna, and guide her development as an athlete and person.

Performance Plus Sport is an amazing charity. The support has allowed me to focus and go after my dream.

– Susanna Banjo, 400m National Level athlete.

Career Path delivery programme

PPS delivers Mentorship Workshops to lower-league football academies.

Here, important career messages are delivered and individual support is offered to any young footballers who want to put themselves forward and progress their career path.

Career Path Support Programme

PPS supports two young coaches from J&C Coaching, through individual mentoring and the funding of courses and qualifications, that wouldn’t have been gained otherwise.

The support will make these young people both more effective coaches and more employable in the future.